"Kamatte HiroChan"is a healing communication device for the elderly

Anyone is able to heal his heart by taking care of "HiroChan" as it can empress mood as well as emotion by crying and laughing in various of voices just like a real baby.

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Main features

  • 抱っこしている

    Acceleration sensor built-in to reflect different reactions

    "HiroChan" is made of same materials as a plush doll and also equipped with both acceleration sensor and speaker inside its body. Therefore, "HiroChan" changes its mood whenever it detects every shaking like hug, slapping etc. from the users.

  • 顔なし

    Natural appearance and design

    Any kind of face is possible to come to the user’s mind depending on his imagination as there is no fix design to make what "HiroChan" should be. Since the outline of "HiroChan" is made like a plush doll, the user can interact with nature and use it in various situations.

  • 感情の変化

    Actual and natural voices

    The voices of "HiroChan" come from record of a real baby covering a wide range of laughing, crying and bears variations over than 100.

Major application example


Basically, "Kamatte HiroChan" is a popular product for people regardless of age. However, we specially recommend it to who like tries to seek healing for the seniors, care houses, nursing homes etc. Not only the user will heal himself but also the labor of the elderly care facilities staff will be reduced by introducing "Kamatte HiroChan" which we sincerely expect.

How to operate


Don’t forget to insert proper batteries(AA alkaline batteryx3pcs) to the power box where is inside the back of main body before using.

Product specification

  • Dimension: approx. W230×D170×H320[mm]
  • Material: cloth of plush doll(exterior), power supply box(internal)
  • Sensor: acceleration sensor
  • Input/output: speaker, switch(power on/off and volume setting)
  • Power supply: AA Alkaline batteryx3pcs(not included)
  • Price: JPY5,000(tax to be added)